Some of our members at the June 2019 meeting.

Some of our members at the June 2019 meeting.


Think of the all-time-great movie-watching experiences of your life. Maybe it was when your dad surprised you with a matinee screening of Jurassic Park when you were a kid, and for two hours one summer afternoon you believed dinosaurs still walked the earth. Maybe it was the collective gasp when the twist in Get Out was revealed, or how the triumphant ending made you high-five the stranger sitting next to you. Maybe it was the time you sat in a nearly empty theatre in the middle of the afternoon, seeing a Jean-Luc Godard film for the first time, an experience that temporarily bonded you with a handful of strangers in a dark room, but you all left the theatre knowing that your life had been changed in some meaningful way.

The point is this: Whatever your most profound movie moments, they probably weren’t experienced sitting alone on your couch. Because watching movies with other people who love movies is just better. That’s why we started the Phoenix Film Collective, a group created by film buffs for film buffs in Central Phoenix, so we can share more of those life-altering movie-going experiences together.

The ultimate goal of PHX Film Collective is to one day operate a non-profit independent movie theatre in the heart of Phoenix.  We hope to foster and cultivate a film community that appreciates the art form of cinema in all its various manifestations.  Until we can secure a physical space, we will be hosting on-location events at various local businesses, and we will have a ongoing film series at various Central Phoenix locations. 

We also want this group to be open to the community. It's not an exclusive "club" or "society," it's a collective of individuals who are passionate about film and want to share it with the local community. We hold a monthly planning meeting and we encourage you join us!

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can email us at phxfilmcollective at gmail dot com.